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Katlyn Gallo

An analysis of the gender gap in cybersecurity and tech careers alike.

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Advancing your career as a Cybersecurity Analyst.

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Tips and tricks for building an analyst skillset.

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  1. Beginning as an analyst
  2. Acing the analyst interview
  3. Career growth as an analyst

What do security teams do when they’re not dealing with security incidents?

Discovering myself one day at a time.

A Journal Entry

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What is threat modeling and how can we use it to improve the security of our applications?

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The three things an adversary needs to achieve to monetize cyberattacks and why we care about them.

Exposing the Criminal Underground Infographic —
  • The rise of big game hunting
  • Advancements in malicious As-A-Service offerings
  • Various ways to monetize cyberattacks

Big Game Hunting

My thoughts on the challenge, the results I saw, and what I learned from the experience.

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Tips for acing an analyst interview & understanding what comes next.

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  • Tips for building a resume for cybersecurity positions.
  • What is interview the process like for analyst positions and how can…

Katlyn Gallo

Coffee lover, bookworm, and InfoSec enthusiast |

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