Profile refresh? Already? Yes!

As I continue to develop my brand, I’m also trying to hone in on my design style! I’m new to blogging as you may know, so I was still figuring out how to even use Medium when I created my Medium profile.

After browsing around some other pages, I realized I wanted to make my profile more bright, airy, and more “Me”. I took a step back and thought about my style in real life when it comes to my color choices. Anyone that walks into my house will realize right off the bat that I like “Cool Neutrals” and “Dusty” colors. These colors seriously give me such a serene feeling when I look at them and I wanted my profile page to be the same.

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I also like clean, simple and modern looks that bring in those cool tones I love so much. Considering this, I figured I’d try and create a more chic profile page as opposed to the coffee shop look I had previously.

So here’s my new look, courtesy of Canva Team!

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This brush script font I found totally suits me and I think it says a lot about me: laid back, simple, and not perfect.

What do your styles, font, and color choices say about you? Feel free to comment, I want to hear from you! Although I’m a tech blogger, I do also have interest in psychology and behavioral analysis. I think it’s super intriguing to dive into why we like the things we like, and how different all of our minds work.

In Other News…

I’ll be revamping the Dark Roast Security publication as well, with the help of my creative bestie Emilia, so stay tuned for that!

I’d also like to share that I’m going to jump on the Newsletter bandwagon! I’m super excited that I’ve hit 60 followers and I want to ensure I have a way to communicate with all of you if you so choose to opt in. If you’re interested, enter your email in the form below to be added to my Upscribe mailing list. I promise I won’t be blowing up your inbox! I really think I’ll just use it to share updates and new content no more than once a week.

Happy Friday and I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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